Into a Dust Storm and Out of a Home

13th April 2019

Commercial cleaning isn’t for the faint hearted. We work hard to recruit cleaning professionals who choose this industry because it fits in with their lifestyle. Our aim is to support spouses of Forces personnel, mums looking for something to fit-in between school times and semi-retired folk not quite ready to put their feet up yet. The common characteristics shared by all our team members is that they are all committed, experienced, friendly, driven and passionate about doing a good job, regardless of what it may be.
It is qualities such as these that stand us in good stead when we walk through the very dusty front door of a newly built home on a construction site. The feeling of being completely overwhelmed by the enormous task ahead in some way hits our teams each and every time we start a build clean. The dust, the paint, the splashes of plaster and grout that flash before us drive home just how big the challenge ahead is. Are we daunted? We certainly were when we first started and we definitely think twice when we carry-out our first build clean on a new layout. Looking for rooms and cubbyholes, investigating where everything is and ensuring we don’t accidently miss a room is one of our first jobs. Dividing the house up we start to attack our individual areas, hoping to all meet up somewhere near the front door of a clean house. Secretly, we all have our favourites and demons. For Lucy windows are a joy, Ashley loves the sight of a traditional radiator decorated with splodges of emulsion and Katie is a magnet to a tiled bathroom. After hours of scrubbing, vacuuming, mopping, picking, sanding, wiping, polishing and scrapping the team regroups at the front door looking rather dishevelled and ready for a final walk around and quality check. Quality means so much to us, we rigorously check each other’s work because low standards aren’t an option. It is only at this point can we, and often the builders believe the transformation. In what seems for others like the blink of an eye, a dusty dirty building site is transformed into a beautiful, clean and fresh smelling home with sparkling windows, mirrors and taps. After sign off by a happy client our job is done, that is until the next dusty front door comes a ‘nockin!