Corporate Responsibility

We recognise we must integrate our business values and operations to meet the expectations of our customers, employees, regulators, investors, suppliers, communities and the environment.

Milifix management is committed to developing and delivering this Corporate Responsibility Policy. We also recognise that meeting social, economic and environmental responsibilities in policy and action is integral to the success of our business. The Senior Management Team collectively promotes the implementation of this policy. All employees share responsibility for our performance in implementing it.

We will:
  • Seek and respond to the opinions and wishes of our customers, stakeholders and communities.
  • Be open and honest in communicating our strategies, targets, performance and governance.
  • Register and resolve customer complaints in accordance with our published standards of service.
  • Continue to encourage dialogue with communities for mutual benefit.
  • Ensure effective partnerships which enable us to continue our initiatives on ex-Forces support, environmental improvement, safety and well-being.
  • Support and encourage our employees to help community organisations and activities.
  • Operate an equal opportunities policy for all present and potential future employees.
  • Offer our employees clear and fair terms of employment and provide resources to enable their continual development.
  • Provide safeguards to ensure all employees are treated with respect and without sexual, physical or mental harassment.
  • Provide and strive to maintain a clean, healthy and safe working environment.
  • Consider the balance between economic, environmental and social aspects of our business decisions against sustainable development principles.
  • Uphold the values of honesty, partnership and fairness in our relationships with customers and stakeholders.
  • Ensure our contracts clearly set out the agreed terms, conditions and basis of our relationship.
  • Operate in a way that guards against unfair business practice.
  • Encourage suppliers and contractors to adopt responsible business policies and practices for mutual benefit.