Join Us

Join the Milifix teamPeople come to us from many walks of life but share a similar ethos and value set. Here at Milifix we believe in teamwork, honesty, reliability, quality, leadership, loyalty and a strong work ethic. These are all qualities we expect and continue to instil within our team and our actions.

If you are about to leave the Services and are interested in a career in property maintenance or a construction trade please contact us. We work alongside the Career Transition Partnership and other resettlement programmes to help ensure you receive the correct training, experience and a job at the end of it. Your success is our objective and our ex-Forces team will support you through your transition.

If you are ex-Forces with an existing trade qualification we’d like to hear from you. We are always on the look out for likeminded people and are keen to expand our team with more Veterans.

If you are not from a Military background but are an experienced and qualified tradesman who shares our values then please feel free to contact us. We rely upon like minded trade professionals to support our team and help fly the flag for Milifix.